Ark consensus

A platform for fair and transparent online business relationships

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Showing how easy it is to use the app:

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1) Even before you cooperatя. You look at the reputation of the person
2) Then you offer the contract to the designer, at the conclusion of which ARK Consensus will take up to 25% of the GT (reputation tokens) of both parties
3) After the deadline. You review the work designer. You find critical errors and open a dispute.
4) You open a dispute for termination of contract. Each party offers options for a solution
5) The parties don't agree and have appealed to the 2nd level of the digital court. After the jury votes, the GT tokens of reputation go to the party that wins the dispute

How is the online business relationship with ARK Consensus changing?

How is the online business relationship with ARK Consensus changing?

Now everyone can:
See each person's business reputation before start working together. And it can't be faked because it's a blockchain
Regulate employee / manager / partner / investor / startup promises
Create a digital contract with anyone online in 2 minutes without a lawyer
Terminate the collaboration on time and easily if the other party fails to meet commitments
Receive money without delays, because the smart contract works without weekends and vacations, does not get sick and is always in touch
Resolve disputes through 4 levels of digital court. No paperwork and wasted time
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How we closed the ARK Consensus bypasses

ARK Face ID and ARK Wallet
- is your access
to the ARK Consensus

With ARK Face ID, everyone is identified by their face. Even if he creates another wallet, the face will be recognized by neural networks. And the person will not be able to make a new reputation to hide the old one

1 person = 1 face = 1 account

And you get a guarantee that the person on the other side of the screen is real

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ARK Face ID 2.0

In the ARK Wallet, a person purchases GT tokens

$1 = 1 GT

With GT you can:

1. Create smart contracts
2. Put part of your reputation as a guarantee for the customer
3. Open large projects
4. Get dividends and earn money
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In 3 steps start using ARK Consensus

swipe to the side
1) Go through ARK Face ID 2.0
2) Turn on ARK Security
3) Top up your ARKC balance
Download ARK Consensus

ARK CONSENSUS was created thanks to the investment of DAO ARK

DAO ARK is a decentralized autonomous investment fund

It makes investments in WEB 3 projects and manages the ARK Consensus project

Each member of DAO ARK influences the development of the investment fund through the ARK Consensus platform

You can also become a manager of a really transparent and decentralized DAO ARK organization with the help of crypto coin - ARK COIN

All the benefits of participation in DAO ARK see the official website